In his final weeks as Head Coach, we interviewed Coach Vidrio to capture some of his most memorable moments as Head coach of the Steelers.   Enjoy!

  •   How many years did you coach at FoHi?
                     A:  I coached at Fohi for five years between 2004 and 2009.  First as the Girls Varsity Assitant Coach, then as the Boys Junior Varsity Coach, then as the Boys Varsity Head Coach.  
  • Tell us about your experience here?
                     A:  It was priceless, this is where I grew as a person/adult.  Here at Fohi is where I learned about myself.  here at fohi is where Coach Vance gave me the opportunity to fullfill a coaching goal which I had set for myself.  Here with you guys is where we became champions and where we proved many critics wrong.  It is at FoHi, that I saw the hundreds of joyous expressions on the soccer pitch.  I am grateful and fortunate to have been part of Fohi and forge new Steelers History with you.
  • Why are you leaving us?
                      A:  I guess, I could have stayed and built an empire here; but at the same time, there are some career choices which I had to consider and some long term teaching opportunities which I couldn't pass by.  But do know that this was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Still, I am not really leaving you guys; I am coaching seven fohi players at the college level.  I am merely elsewhere with you guys.  My heart and mind will always be Maroon and White.
  • What is your most memorable moment?
                      A:  Knowing that Fohi Soccer is established.  Knowing that you boys always rose to the challenge and standard which was given to you.  Seeing young men chase a vision I had that Fohi could be number one and well respected in the soccer world.
  • Tell us five maroon moments as Head Coach?
                      1.  Receiving the Sam Pechia Sportsmanship Award for showing the best sportsmanship in S.B./Riv. Counties.
                      2.  Winning the 2009 CBL Championship
                      3.  Winning the 2008 CBL Championship
                      4.  Placing 3rd place at the 36 field Burbank Burroughs Tournament.
                      5.  Placing 2nd at the 52 team Cal State Dominguez Hills Tournament.
  • Tell us about the funniest moment you had at Fohi?
                        A.  Last winter, during the Thanksgiving Weekend,  I was working out with the Frosh team, they were working on their shooting; and I decided to demonstrate how to get direction and a drive out of the shot; well, it's needless to say i should have been wearing my cleats because just as I was going to strike the ball, my shoes gave out from under me; and I slid eight yards across the soccer pitch smack right on my rear end.  The boys dubbed the fall as the the shot never to take.
  • Tell us about your favorite five goals you saw as a coach?
                       A:  5.  Erick Madrid's one touch bend from 20 yards out to beat Los Alamitos H.S.
                            4.  Gustavo Ruela's dribble past four Rialto Defenders to show them that Fohi was up and coming.
                            3.  Alejandro Lozano's goal against Bloomington (seven pass combo) to seal a 3-0 victory.
                            2.  Antonio Salazar's forty yard shot against: Cresentia Valley, Bloomington, Redlands, and Eisenhower.
                            1.  Saul Diaz's four goal spectacular against Moorpark H.S.
  • What person most influenced you?
                       A: My parents, my brother Ivan, Coach Vance, Ms. Green (my sixth grade teacher).
  • What is your favorite quote?
                       A:  Lou Holtz (Notre Dame University Football Coach) has some great ones, I believe in his quote: "Ability is what your capable of doing, Determination determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it."
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
                      A:  Teacher, married, and the Head coach at a Junior College, or the Assistant coach at a Division II college. 
  • Where would you like to travel next?
                      A:  Italy.  I've been to France, England, and Germany, so I would like to check out Rome, Venice, and the Vatican.
  • What is your favorite food dish?
                     A: I love Pasta, especially Lasagna.
  • Chivas or America?
                    A: sorry, but I'm 100% Chivas!
  • Rock or Rap?
                     A: I'm more of a rock fan.  (Classical, 70's, 90's).
  • Messi, Ronaldo, or Kaka?
                     A: Ronaldo is fast, messi is creative, but Kaka would be my first pick because that guy can pass, shoot, and play defense.  He isn't just about offense, he works hard on defense too.
  • Who dou you predict will win the 2010 World Cup?
                    A: A tough question, but I have to say that Brazil has great team talent, and they play great all around the world. 
  • Was there something which you didn't accomplish here?
                    A: Win a CIF Championship or a playoff game.  But that's ok because that is where the program can continue to grow.
  • What are your lasting words of wisdom for FoHi?
                    A:  Always remember that Fohi Soccer is not about individual stats, it's about the glory of the team.
  • Do you think the past four years were history in the making?
                     A: Absolutely, When I began coaching at FoHi, everyone knocked it down.  Only one boys athletic team had won a league championship since 2003.  People called it a bad place to go to school; people said that FoHi was ghetto; and then out of all the bad criticism; I coached a dozen of kids whom found refuge in the program.  These dedicated group of kids helped change the idea that Fohi is a bad place to learn academically or play athletically.  Fohi soccer inspired a school to believe in itself and achieve what the news said was not possible.  Fohi Soccer became a symbol of change, of sportsmanship, of academic achievement, of athleticism, and of champions.
  • Where do you see Fohi Soccer in the future?
                     A: If it can remain humble (level headed), hungry (not conformed with just winning league championships), and disciplined (maintain good sportsmanship, and team play); then Fohi Soccer is closer than ever to capturing a CIF Championship.