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Links Section activated

Posted Sunday, September 07, 2008 by Edgard Vidrio
Located at the top of the homepage just to the side of the team store is a "Links" webpage which allows you to connect with some of Coach Edgard's favorite Websites.

Located here are links to websites such as Maxpreps, The Fontana Herald, and CIF-SS. Access to  Local Junior Colleges, Local 4 Year Univerisites, local Private Institutions, and other Educational Institutes can also be found.

Check out the links and start thinking or planning where you may want to go after high school.  It's never too soon to plan your future. 

Each college link will take you to that school's homepage.  There you can research admission deadlines, admission requirements, campus information, tuition fees, academic programs, athletic programs, and so on.

In general, Junior Colleges cost one thousand dollars a year for Tuition, Books, and Parking. 

Most Cal States can cost you four thousand dollars a year in tuition, books, parking, and other health fees.

UC campuses can range anywhere from 9 to14 thousand dollars a year for tuition, parking, books, and other campus fees.

An average cost for Private Institutions range from 12-22 thousand dollars a year.

Don't ever sell your dream short of what you wish to accomplish.  If going to a UC campus, or a Cal State is your goal, then go for it becuase there are many scholarships, government loans, and fee waivers available for you.  Work with your counselors, teachers, and Coaches to help put a feasible plan together for you.

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